RECO delivers the most up-to-date technology. Innovate your online and offline spaces with RECO.

RECO Beacon

Geared with the latest technology

  • Fully supports iBeacon and
    Eddystone-UID, URL, TlM and EID
  • Developer resources (SDK, Config App)

RECO Manager

The ultimate cloud beacon device

  • Scans and adds nearby beacons
  • Remote management
    (monitoring and configuration)
  • Cloud API


O2O Marketing Solution

  • Context targeting event
  • Hassle-free SDK implementation
  • Online to offline data analysis

RECO is for everyone!

For Museums & Exhibitions

Gain complete control over exhibitions and those attending them, provide unparalleled pathfinding, and seamlessly deliver spatially relevant information about anything an attendee approaches at the moment they approach it.

For Shopping Experiences

Make your shoppers feel special with location-targeted, customer-specific messages and service. Increase the level of interaction with your customers without hiring more employees. Don’t just build a store, build a shopping experience!

For Public Use

Be creative about how you deploy RECO. You can use it as new infrastructure to make a better life for everyone. Provide information, manage crowds, offer safety and security, or even help parents track their children. The possibilities are endless!

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