Smart Access Control

" Develop your own Smart Access Control System! "

RECO products are already being used in diverse industry sites

Update entrance or exit of beacons in pre-designated area using BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. Remove all the hassel of ID check or tags.

CASE 1 Attendance Check in Colleges

Checks students attendance the moment they enter the lecture room, without students or lecturers having to take any action. Time and effort savings through the beacons systems are being welcomed both by professors and students, achieving more than 80% satisfaction rate.

CASE 2 Monitoring Office Entrances

Get rid of office id tag lines with the beacon system. As soon as the employees enter the building with their smartphones, 
the system approves their entrance without any action necessary.

Smart Access Control

Attendance Checks in College

Product Used

RECO Beacon

Service Period

On going

Installation Period

Hardware installation and App development all done by customer

Service Scenario

Students enter lecture rooms with their smartphones, and their attendance is being sent to the system without any action.

Benefit 1

Large scale lectures do not spend long time anymore for the attendance checks.

Benefit 2

Not only time but all the hassles are removed. Both professors and students welcomed the fact that they do not have to take any action for the attendance check.

" BLE technology enables
our Smart Access Control "

Monitors entrance/exit from specific area through BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons and beacon scanners.

Assign each beacon, a BLE signal transmitter, to an object to be monitored. Tracking location of the beacon becomes enables monitoring of the objects location and tracks with ease.

RECO Manager Plus is a beacon tracking device that get installed at the location of interest, where you want to track the beacons.
It scans and reports on the nearby beacons, enabling Smart Access Control and Location/Movement Tracking.

Start Testing!

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Smart Access Control Start Kit

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