RECO Beacon

" World-Class BLE Beacon
RECO Beacon "

RECO Beacons are already being used in diverse industry sites

RECO Beacon is widely used in varioius location based services as a BLE transmitter. Sends BLE signals in a certain interval for the smartphones to pick up and act upon it.

CASE 1 Attendance Checks

Minimize time and effort wasted taking attendance, especially for large size lectures in Colleges.

CASE 2 Location Based Couponings

Send out coupons based on customers location In Cafés, Marts, Malls, you name it.

CASE 3 Exhibition Guides

Visitors to exhibitions can now get information 
 on each booth or displayed good on their phones
as they approach it.

CASE 4 Safety Managements

Prevent unexpected accidents from happening
 by being alarmed and alarming workers 
 when they enter hazardous areas.

CASE 5 Inventory Managements

Never get lost finding specific inventories,
 and lower the operation cost and time.

CASE 6 Security Managements

By monitoring who is where 24/7, you can now solve security issues much easily.

RECO Beacon,
The World Class BLE Beacon

RECO Beacon fully supports both iBeacon and Eddystone formats.


Provides easy-to-use SDK
along with sample projects.


All OS supported,
and both iBeacon/Eddystone supported.


Advanced HW, Firmware, SDK

ensure reliable beacon services.


Certified both for iBeacon and Eddystone, and for use in Korea, US, Japan, and Europe!

" We Provide Two Purchase Options "

The two packages below differ only in the number of beacons included. They both come with SDK, Configuration App, and sample projects.

RECO Beacon Starter Kit   $63

A 3-Beacon-Package.
With SDK, Configuration App, and sample projects.

RECO Beacon Bulk   $210

A 10-Beacon-Package.
With SDK, Configuration App, and sample projects.