RECO Manager Plus

" Scan and Manage BLE Beacons
RECO Manager Plus "

RECO Manager Pluses are already being used in diverse industry sites

Scans and Manages nearby beacon signals real-time for various location based services.

CASE 1 Safety Managements

Prevent unexpected accidents from happening
 by being alarmed and alarming workers
 when they enter hazardous areas.

CASE 2 Inventory Managements

Never get lost finding specific inventories,
 and lower the operation cost and time.

CASE 3 Security Managements

By monitoring who is where 24/7, you can now solve security issues much easily.

Scan and Manage Beacons
in Real-Time

Develop Your System The Way You Want! Utilize our provided Cloud API, and develop your system according to your taste.

Scan Moving Beacons in Real-Time Get information on nearby beacons real-time. Locate and track movements of people who carry beacons or devices with beacons attached.

Remotely Monitor and Configure Stationary Beacons Number and distance do not matter anymore. Now you can monitor and change settings of beacons remotely.

" Get It Now! "

Comes with our Cloud API.

RECO Manager Plus   $164

RECO Manager Plus comes with power cable, and LAN. Cloud API provided.