Location/Movement Tracking

" Develop your own Location/Movement Tracking Service! "

RECO products are already being used in diverse industry sites

Update location of beacons in pre-designated area using BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) technology real-time.

CASE 1 Entrance and Safety Management of Workers

Monitor current location of the workers in industry sites with ease, and never let them get in an unforeseen accident. Having the location information of all workers enable swift follow-ups 
even in contingencies.

CASE 2 Inventory Management

RECO products are also being used to locate inventories in factories/warehouses. This dramatically reduces time and effort in finding exact inventories.

Access Control &
Movement Tracking

Worker Managements in Industry Sites

Products Used

RECO Beacon, RECO Manager Plus(RECO Tracking)

Service Period

On going

Installation Period

On going

Service Scenario

Attach beacons to the helmets that needs to be worn by the workers, and install RECO Manager Plus, the beacon scanning device, at industry sites where the worker locations needs to be monitored. The installed RECO Manager Pluses detect any RECO beacon signals when the helmets come nearby, letting managers to easily locate each worker.

Benefit 1

Effective manpower management through better knowledge and analysis on location and movement of each worker.

Benefit 2

Prevention of accidents and emergency managements made easier in the industry sites.

" BLE technology enables
our Location/Movement Tracking "

Tracks location in specific area through BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons and beacon scanners.

Assign each beacon, a BLE signal transmitter, to an object to be monitored. Tracking location of the beacon becomes enables monitoring of the objects location and tracks with ease.

RECO Manager Plus is a beacon tracking device that get installed at the location of interest, where you want to track the beacons.
It scans and reports on the nearby beacons, enabling Smart Access Control and Location/Movement Tracking.

Start Testing!

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Location/Movement Tracking Start Kit

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